The Conference

Presentation of the International Intelligent Materials – IIM 2022 – from 29.06. – 01.07.2022 in Kiel, Germany

Research is constantly evolving. New branches of research and findings need a scientific community. This is exactly what the IIM enables by linking scientific progress with established topics on an international level, thus creating a platform for the exchange of ideas.

The conference is aimed at a materials science-oriented audience, but in an interdisciplinary sense, i.e. it covers topics from solid-state physics to biomaterials. The successful conference series „Euro Intelligent Materials“ is the predecessor of the International Intelligent Materials-IIM 2022, which will take place at the same venue and has now been extended to include solid state and surface physics.

The Euro Intelligent Materials conference series was held for the first time in 2013. Since then, the conference has been bringing together experts from Germany, Europe and even worldwide in the field of materials with smart or intelligent integrated functionalities as well as high-resolution analytical methods from the fields of life sciences, chemistry, materials sciences, engineering, physics and medicine every two years until 2019. In 2021, the conference could not be held due to Corona.

The final conference in 2019, the 4th Euro Intelligent Materials 2019 symposium, was a great success and attracted leading international experts. The conference was a broad dialogue platform for exchange between national and international participants and a discussion forum for researchers, manufacturers and users of smart materials in the field of smart materials.

The enormous demand for internationalisation of the conference finally prompted the chairs to take this aspect into account and to organise the „IIM 2022“ internationally for 2022. The latest developments in the field of smart materials, which now also include solid state and surface sciences, as well as the new research sectors of health and energy, which currently imply an enormous demand, will also be the focus of IIM 2022. Recent publications already show the frequency of international co-authorships on this research field. In order to strengthen international collaborations and networking in the field of smart matter, IIM 2022 aims to bring an interdisciplinary group of experts into close scientific contact with each other by extending the scope of previous conferences even further.

The IIM 2022 is also supported by DFG-funded projects such as the DFG Collaborative Research Centres 1261, 1461 and the Research Training Group 2154. It is planned to discuss and compare research trends from Kiel and Germany internationally.

The Conference Location:


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